No More Dry Winter Skin

  October 19, 2015

Winter is the coldest season of the year, and when it arrives, your skin tends to be dry itchy and flaky. It happens because of the reduced humidity with cold temperature. The skin become depleted of moisture that makes the skin feels itchy and dry. If dry skin worsens, it will start feeling dry and

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Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

  October 11, 2015

As the people grow old, signs of aging like wrinkles become apparent. Many wants to look younger and wants to maintain their good looks in their old age. Even people who are not so old have the possibility to have some wrinkles. For some, it is important to keep the youthful beauty perhaps to boost

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Massage Oils

  October 5, 2015

Many people love visit the spa to have some body massage. It makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Most of those who go to the spa for a body massage are those who feel muscle pain due to their work and too much stress. It is even more a relaxing experience when the right

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Bitter or Sweet Almond Oil?

  September 28, 2015

Do you buy almond oil for your hair or skin? If yes, do you know if the almond oil you’re using is bitter or sweet one?  Almond oil is famous because of its health and beauty benefits to the hair and the skin. Many people don’t understand the difference between bitter almond oil and sweet

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How to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

  September 21, 2015

Most women want to look attractive. They do all they can do to make themselves beautiful by taking care of their body especially their hair and skin. And one part of the body that makes any woman more attractive is her eyelashes. Who wouldn’t want to have longer and thicker eyelashes? Longer eyelashes add beauty

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Pamper Your Face with Grape Seed Oil

  September 14, 2015

As we grow old, signs of aging start to manifest on our skin. We are more concerned with how we look, so many of us are looking for effective anti-aging products. It was proven that grape seed oil provides many benefits for the skin. You’ll notice that most of the anti-aging products available often contain

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Get Rid of Acne with Castor Oil

  September 7, 2015

You’ll surely feel shy to show up at a party, or meet someone when you have acne on your face. It lowers your self-confidence because you might be so conscious on how the way you look because acne ruined the beauty of your skin. There are a lot of beauty products specially created for treating

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The Beauty in Almond Oil

  August 31, 2015

Almond oil is popular and being aromatherapy. It is because that the oil is great moisturizer and emollient. It has vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D. These properties of almond oil makes it one of the best oils to use to use for the skin, especially for the face! Make Your Skin Glow Do

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Why Keep Coconut Oil In Your Bathroom?

  August 24, 2015

Everyone will agree that one of our favorite places at home is the bathroom. It’s because we need to take a bath, to cleanse our body and to do other beauty routines. It’s such nice feeling going out from the bathroom feeling relaxed and freshened up. It makes us ready and feels more comfortable to

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What is Fractionated Coconut Oil?

  August 17, 2015

Coconut oil is very popular in many beauty and aromatherapy products. It has lots of benefits, especially for the skin. However, there are different types of coconut oil, and their properties vary. It is important to understand the difference between a good quality coconut oil and the one with lesser quality. The difference in quality

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